Professional Tools for Professional Results

We use a thermal camera to check for hotspots in the electrical breaker box, and also to check for fresh roof or pipe leaks and missing insulation. We also use a drone for taller structures that can’t otherwise be accessed.

Sealy Engineering Performs Residential and Small Commercial Inspections

Sealy Engineering has extensive experience specifying and checking results of residential foundation repairs. We have found that many inspectors do not have such experience and may not provide a foundation repair plan. A foundation repair plan is available if needed.

The Structural and Mechanical

The main thing a buyers want inspected are the structural and mechanical integrities of their home. We take our time to thoroughly inspect possible concerns you may have when buying or selling a home.

Professional equipment like this 'Zip Level' is always used.
Professional equipment like this ‘Zip Level’ is always used.

Termites and Pests

We often will be asked to investigate the possibility of termites and other pests. We work with several competent, reliable firms in Houston to get this done. We can schedule termite or pest inspections as a courtesy to our clients to ensure quality inspections and have less hassle  in getting the inspections scheduled.

Pools and Moisture

Some clients want pool, moisture, well, and other inspections done and we also work with several competent firms in Houston in getting those inspections scheduled for our clients or you may schedule your own people.

Quality Service

The people who use us and the realtors who recommend us know that problems with a house can be very expensive and the cost of getting good inspections is money well spent. The time spent on inspections is one indicator of quality. Our structural inspections average about one hour per 1,000 square feet and this is often with a concurrent mechanical inspection for buyers. We spend more time than many other inspectors. We go the extra step for you and our quality inspections will leave your worries out the door.

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